Our mission

The Romanian Secular Humanist Association (ASUR) is a non-governmental organization established in 2010 with the aim of promoting the values of secular humanism. ASUR’s projects and campaigns are intended to popularize scientific knowledge and critical thinking, while also highlighting the attributes of a secular state.

ASUR promotes the principles of humanist ethics, critical thinking, scientific knowledge, and the separation of state and church.


We strongly advocate for the separation of religion from governance and public policy. We promote a society where all religious beliefs are treated equally, and public decisions are based on reason and secular principles.


We are guided by humanistic values, placing human dignity, empathy, and compassion at the forefront. We believe in people’s power to contribute to the common good and to improve society through ethical and responsible actions.

Critical thinking

We promote the development of critical and rational thinking, encouraging an evidence-based and reasoned approach to problem-solving. We strive to cultivate open-mindedness and intellectual curiosity.

Human rights

Respecting and promoting human rights, including the right to freedom of thought and conscience, are essential to our mission. We are committed to advocating for freedom, equality, and individual rights, ensuring that every person has the right to express their opinions and personal beliefs in a safe environment.

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We love international projects

The Romanian Secular Humanist Association (ASUR) is a member of Humanists International and has been involved in many international collaboration. 

Since 2020 we have also been doing Erasmus+ projects, focused mainly on scientific education, human rights and critical thinking.

In you would like to do a project with us, please contact us